What's Your Bullseye?

I had a conversation with a colleague who was struggling with a decision she needed to make quickly. As she began to pour out her heart and tell me why this was so hard for her, I stopped her and simply asked one question. “What’s your bullseye?” She looked at me with a puzzled and frustrated look so I took a slightly different approach. I encouraged her to take a few minutes, breathe deeply and quiet the noise in her head. I wanted her to forget about deadlines, people’s expectations, external opinions and just be in the moment. I didn’t want to rush the opportunity for her to center herself and reclaim her personal power. Once she looked a bit more reposed, I asked if she knew what she wanted and then I repeated the previous question. “What’s your bullseye?”She now had more focus and clarity regarding her inner struggle and what was triggering her anxiety. After our conversation, she made her decision with clarity of thought and laser-focused attention.

Noise and chaos, like peace and quiet, are part of living an active and engaged life. The ups and downs of our daily experiences serve as a constant reminder that we are still alive and full of opportunity to make the next moment more precious and impactful than our last. We are often bombarded with situations, people and even emotions that distract us and devoid us of our ability to focus on what inherently brings us joy and fulfillment. These distractions can impact our capacity to make quick, rational and effective decisions. This noise can nearly paralyze us if we are not careful enough to turn down the volume low enough so it no longer overpowers the natural rhythm of our hearts. Even doctors typically quiet us and instruct us to breath when they listen to our heartbeat. They are listening to determine how strong and how fast the heart is beating – how much effort the heart is exerting to deliver blood throughout our bodies. When we focus, our hearts can tell us what we fail to hear in the noise of our hectic routines. Our hearts can remind us of our passion and resilience toward our bullseye.

We grapple with decisions because there is an underlining dissonance between our desired result and our perception of what we need to reject or accept to attain that result. If we reframe the lens of our perception, we may see that our bullseye is not as narrow as we originally thought and that our aim gets much better with time and practice. You may be facing a tough decision about work, family or health that has you feeling nervous, scared, trapped, angry or maybe confused. You’ve written a list of pros and cons and you’ve even considered potential scenarios. Now that you’ve done all that, put the paper down, take a few deep breaths, quiet the noise in your head and ask yourself the same question.

What’s my bullseye?

So, what will you do today to help you get a little closer to your bullseye?